Optimize yourself

Become more – der Goldstandard von RE-GEN: Mit dem Energy Protocol setzen wir Ihren Körper drei der natürlichen Elemente der Erde aus: Magnetismus, Sauerstoff und Licht. Dabei werden Leistungsfähigkeit, Ausdauer und Regeneration des Körper gefördert.

This treatment combination is the newest technology from the US. Magnetism, oxygen, and light are significant for the maintenance of our health and our well-being, no matter which age.

Charge your battery and release your vitality

The first step des Energy Protocols ist die Elektromagnetfeld-Behandlung. Dabei werden geringe Mengen an elektromagnetischer Energie abgegeben, um Ihren Körper wie einen Akku aufzuladen. Dabei werden die Zellen voneinander getrennt und können so mehr Sauerstoff aufnehmen, wodurch das nachfolgende Training mit Sauerstoff um bis zu 300 % effektiver wird.

Power substance: oxygen

The second step is training with oxygen. Hereby you breathe 95% oxygen while training on a bike. When cells have a low ph level, most of the cells are clumped together, and oxygen intake and blood flow are limited. With training with oxygen, the oxygen content in your blood is increased, which stimulates your metabolism and gives you strength and endurance. The increased oxygen supply feeds your cells and accelerates healing processes in your body.

Light on - blood warm!

Afterwards follows the last step:the red-light treatment. The body is irradiated with red and near-infrared light. When our cells are stressed, they produce a molecule called nitrogen monoxide. Normally the body is able to clear itself of excess nitrogen monoxide through rest and antioxidants. When subjected to stress the body is not able to deal with excess nitrogen monoxide. This leads to oxidative stress. This can trigger mechanisms that are responsible for the production of inflammation, fatigue, and low performance.

The wavelength red and near-infrared light is absorbed by the cells and stimulates the mitochondria, through which the production is Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is accelerated. This biochemical increase of cellular energy is used to take sick cells back to their healthy selfs. Hereby inflammation is reduced, blood flow is increased, cell growth is stimulated, and the body’s healing process is supported.

Your benefits with regular treatments:

  • stimulated cell and tissue regeneration
  • increases strength and endurance
  • stimulates self- and wound healing
  • improved skin
  • energy boost
  • increased performance
  • increased cell function
  • soothe pain

Treatment duration: 60 min

Requirements: sport clothing

Recommended use: 1 to 3 times per week

Self care


The pulsed electromagnetic field treatment belongs to the naturopathic methods. Just a few minutes of exposure to these artificially generated magnetic currents is enough, to promote healing processes throughout the body and normalize disrupted cellular functions.


Increased oxygenation nourishes your cells and speeds up every healing system in your body. Master your breathing - master your health! Oxygen controls most processes in the body and also the immune system.


The red light actually helps against many complaints. Muscle tension is relieved, sore throats subside and sinusitis subsides more quickly. The light treatment promotes healing processes strengthens the immune system and improves the complexion.


Infrared rays are the healthiest for the body The rays penetrate deep into the skin and release harmful substances from the cells that have accumulated there. The cells are vitalized and the metabolism is stimulated. An indispensable, direct way to rid the body of unwanted, disease-causing substances.


Regeneration and relaxation of muscles. As a result, many people feel fresher, more vital and more balanced. In addition, the whole-body cold treatment can positively influence ailments such as migraines, mild depression and sleep disorders.


Hyperbaric oxygenation - the miracle cure. During treatment in a pressure chamber, the body receives pure oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen in the circulatory system.


Treatment of cellulite and tightening of the skin. LPG® is deeply effective, gentle and works without surgical intervention. LPG® Endermologie activates the "dormant" cells through mechanical stimulation of the tissue - fat cells are activated and broken down.


Body styling with a feel-good character. Die Kompressions-Behandlung unterstützt den effektiven Abbau von Cellulite. Da die Lymphe träge ist und keinen eigenen Kreislauf besitzt, wird der Lymphfluss mechanisch durch Gleitwellenmassage angeregt.


Figurforming mit der Bodyforming-Behandlung! For body shaping, the electromagnetic procedure offers a particularly important aspect: body fats are reduced and muscles are built up at the same time - exactly where the treatment takes place - on the abdomen, thighs and arms as well as the buttocks.


At RE-GEN, the so-called Energy Protocol a very special attention. We expose your body to three of the earth's natural elements: Magnetism, Oxygen and Light. In this order.