Decode your own remedy!

RE-GEN is a Health and Body Center, where we realize vitality as the abundance of life. Our treatments support the body’s natural processes and help you utilize your full potential – and even expand it.

A combination of personal competence, first-class technology, and therapeutic knowledge, enables us to offer you customized solutions, that support you in becoming 100% yourself.

Electromagneticfield Therapy-

Electromagnetic impulses for cell functionMagnetic field therapy is based on the harmonious flow of life energy. Disturbances of the energy flow can lead to physical and mental well-being disorders or (chronic) diseases.

Exercise with Oxygen

Oxygen supply at cellular levelIncreased oxygen supply nourishes your cells and accelerates every healing system in your body. Master your breathing - master your health! Oxygen controls most processes in the body and also the immune system.


Redlight Therapy

Red light makes healthyThe red light actually helps against many ailments. Muscle tensions ease, sore throats subside, and sinusitis subsides faster. sinus infections subside more quickly. Light therapy promotes healing processes, strengthens the immune system and improves the appearance of the skin.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared rays are the healthiest for the bodyThe rays penetrate deep into the skin and dissolve harmful substances from the cells that have accumulated there. The cells are vitalized and the metabolism is stimulated. An indispensable, direct way to rid the body of unwanted, disease-causing substances.

Cold Bath

Regeneration and relaxation of muscles. Many people then feel fresher, more vital and more more balanced. In addition, whole-body cold therapy can treat ailments such as migraines, mild depression and sleep disorders. positively influence.

Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygenation - the miracle cure During the treatment in a pressure chamber the body receives pure oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen in the circulatory system.


Treatment of cellulite and tightening of the skinLPG® is deep-acting, gentle and works without surgical intervention. intervention. LPG® Endermologie activates the "dormant" cells through mechanical stimulation of the tissue - fat cells are activated and broken down.


Body styling with feel-good characterThe Ballancer® supports the effective reduction of cellulite. Since the lymph is sluggish and does not have its own circulation, the lymph flow is mechanically stimulated by sliding wave massage.

Energy Protocol

The three natural elements of the earth At RE-GEN, the so-called Superhuman Protocol receives special attention. Magnetism, oxygen and light. If you expose your body to these natural elements in the right order, you can restore the lost order.

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