Goodbye, Cellulite!

Stimulate your weak cells: the treatment activates compromised cells through mechanical stimulation of the tissue. Fat cells are broken down, the skin is tightened and smoothed out and the appearance of the skin is improved.

During the LPG treatment, you wear a special suit, that is designed to enable a deep massage of the tissue. Massage rollers and flaps loosen the cells and massage the compromised skin. With this reliable technology, we are able to improve the skin and underlying tissue. LPG is a full body and facial treatment, which helps with anti-aging. For an optimal result, we recommend the implementation of at least 10 to 12 treatment sessions.

Uniquely effective

Endermologie gently pulls up a fold of skin and rolls it up. The underlying tissues are gently tamed to break up cellulite pockets and stimulate blood flow to all layers of the skin. The increased blood and lymph flow brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to all layers of the skin. Subsequently, the improved circulation flushes away the excess water, fats and cellular waste released by the massage.

Your benefits with regular treatments:

  • reduce cellulite
  • stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • reduce wrinkles
  • release tension
  • improve irritable bowel symptoms
  • accelerate postoperative healing and improves outcome
  • tighten and smooth skin
  • support weight loss

Treatment duration: 60 min   

Requirements: LPG Suit   

Combination with: Bodyforming, Electromagnetic field treatment and Compression treatment   

Recommended use: 2 x per week

Self care


LPG ist das beste für die Hautstraffung. Ich mache es seit einem Jahr regelmäßig und kann schon die positiven Ergebnisse sehen. Meine Haut ist glatter und mein Körper fester geworden. Natürlich ist es in Zusammenhang mit einer normalen Ernährung, viel Flüssigkeit und Sport noch besser. Endlich eine Behandlung, bei der man unmittelbar danach eine positive Veränderung erkennen kann! LPG macht süchtig!

Carolin Zrinyi
Beraterin und zufriedene RE-GEN Kundin

The pulsed electromagnetic field treatment belongs to the naturopathic methods. Just a few minutes of exposure to these artificially generated magnetic currents is enough, to promote healing processes throughout the body and normalize disrupted cellular functions.


Increased oxygenation nourishes your cells and speeds up every healing system in your body. Master your breathing - master your health! Oxygen controls most processes in the body and also the immune system.


The red light actually helps against many complaints. Muscle tension is relieved, sore throats subside and sinusitis subsides more quickly. The light treatment promotes healing processes strengthens the immune system and improves the complexion.


Infrared rays are the healthiest for the body The rays penetrate deep into the skin and release harmful substances from the cells that have accumulated there. The cells are vitalized and the metabolism is stimulated. An indispensable, direct way to rid the body of unwanted, disease-causing substances.


Regeneration and relaxation of muscles. As a result, many people feel fresher, more vital and more balanced. In addition, the whole-body cold treatment can positively influence ailments such as migraines, mild depression and sleep disorders.


Hyperbaric oxygenation - the miracle cure. During treatment in a pressure chamber, the body receives pure oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen in the circulatory system.


Treatment of cellulite and tightening of the skin. LPG® is deeply effective, gentle and works without surgical intervention. LPG® Endermologie activates the "dormant" cells through mechanical stimulation of the tissue - fat cells are activated and broken down.


Body styling with a feel-good character. Die Kompressions-Behandlung unterstützt den effektiven Abbau von Cellulite. Da die Lymphe träge ist und keinen eigenen Kreislauf besitzt, wird der Lymphfluss mechanisch durch Gleitwellenmassage angeregt.


Figurforming mit der Bodyforming-Behandlung! For body shaping, the electromagnetic procedure offers a particularly important aspect: body fats are reduced and muscles are built up at the same time - exactly where the treatment takes place - on the abdomen, thighs and arms as well as the buttocks.


At RE-GEN, the so-called Energy Protocol a very special attention. We expose your body to three of the earth's natural elements: Magnetism, Oxygen and Light. In this order.